by Waphost at Today, 06:13 AM
How To Create Free Wapkiz Site With Good Design Good day Members, My Name Is Dahboss, from Nigeria. I use to help people create site for free, with good design. Also, I can clone any site using site. Do you just create a new site on but unable to finish it?? When you want to create a website on, you searched, how to create a website on, how to create free wapkiz site. But yet to got the full tutorial. It is ok now, am going to give you Codes to use to build it up to a more nice site. And if you too finish the site you are going to happy. If you are interested, Join Wapnaija Forum then Message me Or Contact Me Through Email: Whatsapp/Call 08162470398. You Reach me on Facebook Official Bazefor9ja. Thanks
by Waphost at Today, 06:09 AM
Here is the code copy and paste in robot txt

User-agent: *<br />
   Disallow:<br />
   SITEMAP: Your Sitemap Link </div><a href="/site-react.html?to-blog=%id%"><button class="raihan">REACT</button></a>  
text3  <div class="raihan">Share On</div><div class="share" align="center"><!-- AddToAny BEGIN -->
<div class="a2a_kit a2a_kit_size_32 a2a_default_style">

<a class="a2a_button_facebook"></a>
<a class="a2a_button_email"></a>
<a class="a2a_button_twitter"></a>
<a class="a2a_button_pinterest"></a>
<a class="a2a_button_google_plus"></a>
<a class="a2a_button_linkedin"></a>
<a class="a2a_button_whatsapp"></a>
<a class="a2a_button_tumblr"></a>
<a class="a2a_button_skype"></a>
<a class="a2a_button_telegram"></a>
<a class="a2a_button_wordpress"></a>
<a class="a2a_button_reddit"></a>
<a class="a2a_button_blogger"></a>

<a class="a2a_button_digg"></a>
<script async src=""></script>
<!-- AddToAny END --></div>  <div class="raihan">Recent Comment</div>NO RECENT COMMENTS ON THIS THREAD  <div class="raihan">Add Your Comment</div> <div align="center" class="content">You Must Be Login To Add Your Own Comment<div style="margin-top:3px;display:block;"><a href="/site_login.html"><div class="details">Login</div></a><a href="site_reg.html"><div class="details">Register</div></a></div></div>     <div class="headbar"> <center><a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><img src="" height="65px" width="350px"></a></center>   <div class="raihan">Statistics</div><a href="#"><b>•Total Post</b> </a> ( 39 )<br/> <a href="/site-user.html"><b>•Total User</b></a> ( 9 </a> / <font color="red">+1</font>)<br/><a href="/site-profile.html?to-user=%name%"><b><b>•Last Registered</b></b> </a> ( 9)<br/><a href="/link-user-list.html"><b><font color="red">•Total Active :-</font></b></a>Users (0)  Guest (1)  <div class="raihan">Total Visitor</div><center><div class="tags"><center><table width="100%" border="1"><td><img src="" alt="HTMLhit counter -"border="0"/></td><td><img src="" alt="HTML hitcounter -" border="0"/></td></table></center></div>  <div class="" align="center"> <br> <div class="detail"><a href="/">Home</a></div>  <div class="detail"><a href="/site-contact-us.html">Contact us</a></div>  <div class="detail"><a href="/site-about-us.html">About us</a></div>  <div class="detail"><a href="/sitemap.xml">Sitemap</a></div>


<center><div class="row footer-copy-row"><div class="footer">© 2019 - WAPNAIJA. All Rights Reserved | Powered by Wapkiz Free Hosting.<div class="footer">Website Designed by Davidpeex </div></center>  <center><div class=""><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><img class="footer" src="" width="38" height="38" border="0" /></a> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><img class="footer" src="" width="42" height="42" /></a> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><img class="footer" src="" width="38" height="38" /></a> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><img src="" width="38" height="38" border="0" class="footer" /></a><P align=center><A href="" ><FONT color=#ff8080 size=3 face="Arial Black">Open Free Website</FONT><FONT color=#000000 size=3 face="Arial Black"> On Waphosts.Com</FONT></A></P>
by Pakyil at Today, 06:00 AM
Download WordPress Theme
Most people have been asking of wordpress theme and dailypost is using a premium theme from themeforest which cost 59$, and i have decided to post the theme for just a dime

This Theme helps you go from blogger to boss by giving you a wide range of tools and options to give you the most professional-looking and functioning news site on the net. This theme comes with a mobile-first-design, 8 article layouts, 4 Featured Posts layouts, parallax leaderboard ad, Theia Post Slider, Theia Sticky Sidebar, Reviewer Plugin, Woocommerce-ready, and so much more!


If you need it bear to us on telegram
by Pakyil at Today, 05:55 AM
Hi Guys, Am back again with latest/current Mobile Themes.

~ Naijakit Ultra Mobile Themes v1.9 ~

The Documentations:

1. Full homepage Customization
2. Featured Music
3. Trending post
4. Latest post
5. Front end Pages
6. Mobile Responsive
7. SEO Friendly
8. Stylish homepage and many more.

Thanks for your support and feel free to contact us any time Smile .



Themes Demo Url:

Download Below;

link 1:

You have not unlocked this post's content yet. Please reply to this thread to unlock the content.

Don't Forget to drop comment.
by Pakyil at Today, 05:50 AM
WORDPRESS THEMES Naijaloaded WordPress Theme, Newbie Version with 6 Colors, Shared For free.
Naijaloaded WordPress Theme, Newbie Version with 6 Colors, Shared

This theme is designed for css Newbies who are finding it difficult to change the default color. In this version, I decided to make it automated for them. This theme comes with 6 different colors, enabling the user to freely change styles as they like by just clicking buttons.

Naijaloaded WordPress Theme for Advanced WordPress Users have been shared already. See link


Six colors are supported. They are:

1. Black
2. Green(Default Naijaloaded Color)
3. Red
4. Pink
5. Purple
6. Blue..

Once you upload the theme, the first thing to do is to go to your dashboard and assign a color to your theme..

[Image: Screenshot-20191011-122613-Chrome-Beta.jpg]
[Image: Screenshot-2019-10-11-123005.jpg]

This is the most recent Naijaloaded WordPress Theme. This version comes with lots of features, including 2 customized pages (trending.php and mp3.php).


Please read this very carefully if you really want to harness the full capabilities of this theme. Follow these steps carefully to successfully install the theme.


Upload the theme and activate it. (The theme should work fine already once you install and activate. You can stop here if you don’t want to activate the 2 additional (bonus) pages.


Go to your page and create 2 new pages (trending.php and mp3.php) .. watch this short video to learn how to create it. Very easy.

STEP 3..

Congratulations! You have activated all the features, including the 2 bonus features! The only thing left is to edit the header default.php and bottom.php templates and change the details to yours.


Feel free to ask me any questions or report a bug.


Download Naijaloaded Wp Theme
by Ogaboss at Today, 05:46 AM
(1) Go to:
(2) Create an Account when you're done login and you will
see a bar to shorten links
(3) Shorten Links On
Stuff People Are Interested in like premium course, film
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(if u you check my links you will see that they are all
shorten by this site
? ?
(4) Create A Channel or Group On Telegram, WhatsApp,
Facebook etc...and share your shorten links
Any person who clicks on the link an ad will show to the
person and you will get paid for that.. Am sure you have
visited many shorten links where they ask you to skip ads to
go to your destination.. that page is an advert page the
person who shorten the link with that service get paid for
You Can Make Up To 60$ Per. Week! ❤️
. Checked And Tested By Me! 100% Working Perfectly!
Nb: to me this is the best link shortener now.. they have
less popup ads
by Simon at Yesterday, 09:51 PM
answerThe way themes work is through CSS. So there is no theme folders in you FTP folder. If you want to make changes to your theme the best way is to go to the themes section in your ACP, select the theme you want to edit, and edit the CSS from there.

A theme installation may include a folder of images and associated files. That folder is typically identified by the theme name. So, in my forum the path is /forum/images/themefolder.

Also, a theme installation uses an uploaded file which contains the stylesheets and templates.

Usually a custom theme includes a readme file that provides instructions for its installation.
by Ogaboss at Yesterday, 06:29 PM
Please I Need Naijaloaded Wordpress Theme

please oooo

great people please
by Ogaboss at Yesterday, 03:24 PM
I am running a game server and mybb forum both of these are started 6 days ago. On my forum there are 22 registered members and 110+ replies on 30+ Threads.
I am a newbie in this area so I am feared that I don't want my user data to get lost by any means. So I want to know that after installing the mybb on your webhosting (mine is hostinger) and setting up your mysql database for it. I have done this follwing and youtube video everything works fine. but what is that next step to keep my users data backup on daily basis manually in my local computer not on internert so that I can store each day data on my computer and if in case anything bad happen I can use that downloaded data of yesterday to save my website.

I just have 0 knowledge of mysql and php.
by Simon at 02-14-2020, 05:45 AM
Today i will share you Entclassblog Theme

Entclassblog is one of the popular technology website in Nigeria

1. One Column
2. Malware Free
3. S.E.O Supported
4. JS Optimization
5. CSS Optimization
6. CSS Minify (For Fast Loading)

Download Below

Note: This is the Mobile View Only, and it wont be polite for you, not to install the PC version also to make your blog stand
if you need the PC version and how to set it, WhatsApp me with <strong>1500 Naira</strong> on +2348162470398

Feel Free To Share it
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