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Please take your Bible and see where we gone wrong
*Please take your Bible and see where we gone wrong*

When God warned us not to eat animals like *bat* in Leviticus 11:13-19* we went on killing them to eat because of the sweetness. *EBOLA* came, we started running helter skelter.

When God told us in Isaiah 66:17 about the terrible consequence (death) of eating *mouse* , China said the young uncooked *mice* is their delicacy. *Corona virus came.*

Do you remember that it was the deadly *AIDS* that was in the news in the 80s? The source was *mating with Dogs and Chimpanzee* the primary carrier of the decease. Whereas, God warned us against having intercourse with animals- *Bestility* in Leviticus 20:15-20.

When God warned against eating of *FAT* in Lev 3:17, he foresaw what it will cause to the kidneys and lungs.
Those running away from eating Fat now should go back to their Bibles and learn the ways of God.

Are you surprised that you should *wash your hands* very well now? It's because you are far from your Bible. Read it in Exodus 30:17-21.

Are you surprised that I will tell you that our God had taught us about *Quarantine* over 4,000years ago?
Read Leviticus 15:1-20.
*Cleanliness* is of God. Gen7:2-8. Leviticus 13:6-7

Our Lord Jesus Christ was all out to Clean the Unclean be Mark 8:2-3; as well as propagating the gospel of cleanliness. John 13:10-11.

Only clean people will inherit the kingdom of God. Rev 19:8-14.

Whoever will live a long and healthy life, go back to the *BIBLE* Everything you need is there. Let us stop these Anti-Christ diplomatic method of stopping the gospel.
Spread this message as you have been spreading the satanic virus information.
God bless you.

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