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Where Can I Try To Learn A Programming Language?
Trytillmake From Nairaland

Since yr main goal is to learn c++ my brother nothing stop u abeg, do not fall for what other people tell u u cant do this or that, serioulsy the first oop language i learnt was c++ when others were saying e too hard i don learn am already but a senior colleague told me c#/sqlserver was in the naija market so i had to go for c#.

Ok for me if u do not know about object oriented programming (oop) i will advise u first learn c# microsoft took time to develop that language make i no lie, the language sweet abeg using it with linq u can do many things, ok when u have the basics u can then go learn yr c++.

if u wanna start c# check this basic tutorial out

for video check this guy out:

Hope i helped. If u still wanna go with c++ directly i have a book i used then that was easy to grab the language, if interested drop yr email.


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